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improving men's health & wellbeing
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EFFECTIVE MEN’S GROUP PROGRAMS This new half day training program is designed for men and women who work in organisations, services and companies that provide health, welfare, wellbeing or community services for men through group work sessions or programs. The focus will be on how we can more effectively communicate health and wellbeing messages to men by way of group programs. The training will provide a brief overview of how best to work with men in group situations and how to make your men’s programs more effective and fun. It will cover what works in promoting a men’s program, types of men’s programs, tools for running them, tips for women running men’s groups and ways of keeping things running smoothly and creating new activities for your group program.

WAGGA WAGGA 28 March 9.00 am – 12.30 pm The Lawson Motor Inn 117 - 121 Tarcutta Street

PARRAMATTA 10 April 9.00 am – 12.30 pm Anglicare 16 Parkes St Parramatta

COST $130 for half day or $230 for both, includes training, resources, refreshments and three month follow up support

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT FOR MEN This half day training program addresses how workers can assist men to manage the ups and downs in life more effectively by using better communication skills and managing intense emotions. The way that most men are raised in our society can often discourage them from communicating their feelings or talking to people on an intimate or personal level. The stereotypical image of a man is one who’s supposed to be strong, tough and silent. Being open with your emotions isn’t generally recognised and rewarded as being a positive quality in men. But times are changing and being more ‘emotionally alive’ for many men is just as rewarding as their achievements in their relationships, career and sporting prowess. We will look at what works for men in dealing with stress and anxiety with a focus on using mindfulness skills, emotion regulation and assertiveness training.

WAGGA WAGGA 28 March 1.30 pm - 5 pm The Lawson Motor Inn 117 - 121 Tarcutta Street

PARRAMATTA 10 April 1.30 pm - 5 pm Anglicare 16 Parkes St Parramatta

COST $130 for half day or $230 for both, includes training, resources, refreshments and three month follow up support

To register email training@menshealthservices.com.au or ring 0417 772 390 for more information.

There are limited places available.

All programs can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Effective Ways of Engaging Men

Effective Men's Health Promotion

Effective Men's Group Programs

Emotional Management for Men

Men's Sexual Health & Wellbeing Training

Working with men affected by violence

Men's Event Management Training

Community Services Training:

Community Event Management

Community Consultation

Community Fundraising

Community Marketing

Forming and maintaining partnerships in community work


This totally new improved training program presents a range of strategies and a model for working more effectively with men and  takes participants through the process of designing, implementing and evaluating men's health promotion programs, services and resources. There is time during the training  to work on a  program, service or resource of your design which you can implement in your local community or workplace.

There is also extensive new learning on forming, developing and maintaining partnerships in men's health work. This is a more 'hands on' day, with more small group work and participants develop a deeper understanding of health promotion practice.


This program provides you with skills, knowledge and group practice in how to run successful group programs for men. You need to have groupwork training or experience in running groups and a willingness to learn more about what men need and how you can deliver. The program is designed to suit your needs and can provide you with support in developing new group work programs, reviewing your existing programs or evaluating the effectiveness of group work practice in your organistion.

Training program goals can include:

  • developing new programs for new target groups
  • designing, implementing and evaluating socio-educational groups
  • designing and providing peer leader training for volunteers working with men
  • reviewing exisiting group programs you provide
  • marketing your programs more effectively
  • helping you to design policy and procedures for group programs in your organisation


In Australia today up to one in three victims of family violence are male. While many services have quite rightly been established over the past three decades to support female victims of family violence, the needs of male victims remain largely unmet.

The issue of men affected by violence in intimate relationships has been reported for many years and now workers in the domestic violence, community and family relationship sectors are acknowledging this problem and seeking out training for their workers. This training program is for health, welfare and community workers and provides information, strategies and a model for working with men affected by violence in their relationships.

Training program includes:
Background to the problem and context violence and abuse occurs in |The affect of domestic violence on a person - what’s different for men | Strategies for working with men from a strengths based perspective | A model for working with men affected by violence | Building services for male victims of DV into your agency – what you need to consider | Promoting work with male victims of DV


"You provide easy to use strategies, and practical ways to change my practice that I can implement straight away"

“I liked the way you engaged with all of us individually over the two days. It has given me a really fresh way of looking at the way I work with men. Many thanks for providing an exciting and stimulating training course, the best I’ve ever been to!!”

“I thought the program was right on target, well balanced and very helpful for women who work with men. The information supplied was much more than you normally get from training sessions I’ve been to.”

"Great training day and very generous with providing lots of easy to use resources and articles of interest for my work with men."

training@menshealthservices.com.au or phone 0417 772 390 to register for current programs or for information on training programs.

wellmale men's health & wellbeing program
Learn more about how you can improve and maintain good health and lead a longer and more enriched life.

You will discover through information provided and discussion based on shared experiences how to:

  • look after your health and wellbeing more effectively with the right information
  • communicate better with your friends, family and partners
  • handle stress more effectively, relax more and focus on the most important things in life
  • manage difficult emotions positively when they arise
  • manage changes in your life and deal better with work/life balance
  • build a personal long term health maintenance plan

wellmale provides you with an opportunity to gain insights into the issues and challenges common to all men around masculinity, relationships, emotions, sexual health, intimacy and much more.

The program is provided in a strengths based model that addresses the key factors in our world that affect male health and wellbeing. Open to men of all ages and backgrounds.

To have this program delivered in your area or to have a specific program developed to meet the needs of men you work with contact Greg on 0417 772390 or email greg@men'shealthservices.com.au  


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